Welcome to Clark BBQ!

Here at Clark BBQ, just like at my other restaurants, there are no CEOs, Regional Managers, corporate this or corporate that. It's just me, the owner, Carlos Teixeira, with the help of three hands-on managers who are on-site everyday. I personally visit each location two to three times a day. I'm just a phone call away if I need to be reached. It's very, very rare that we receive complaints at any of our establishments, but if a complaint does arise, I address it myself to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We only use fresh Perdue Chickens, fresh Hatfield & Smithfield Pork Ribs, fresh meats, fresh produce, and fresh bread. Refrigerated trucks deliver these products everyday at about 10 or 11 am. My restaurants are not the kind that stock up on products once a week and keep them in the fridge for 7 days, with the refrigerator doors opening and closing 40 times a day and the temperatures going up and down.

We are "Serve Safe Certified". We use only the best products available. We do try to keep our prices low for the working classes as well. You will not find fresher cooked food anywhere out there - I guarantee it. If doubted, invoices of food deliveries can, and will be produced on demand. Thank you so much for your patronage - we look forward to serving you at any or all of our locations.